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It's Cold. It Feels Like Independence Day.
And I Can't Break Away From This Parade.
our bed we live, our bed we sleep. making love and I become you. 
22/11/07 06:50 pm

It is difficult for me to think of things I am thankful for, because I am convinced I could fill up an entire volume. At the same time I would be staring blankly in my own eyes searching for suggestions. When I look outside, I am searching. The sky was white as snow, gray as smoke. There is smoke swirling to the sky like we are all seeking for spirits. Snow is stuck like crystal leeches on automobiles in the city. The ground is covered with a neon orange of leaves falling from trees I've been convinced were dying. Funny how things come alive.
Music has been flooding my ears, wreaking havoc on the parts of me that wish to hum in silence. I am serenaded by everything and it is so perfect. I've given up on others, and I've taken in some like they are candy and I have lost it.

I'm glad I am spinning around in the fresh air again. For a second I thought I'd gone crazy.

I was published in the November '07 issue of Teen Ink.
You can read the published review HERE.
23/11/07 05:55 am (UTC)
Congratulations on getting published! My confession about Bjork is that I think she is really cool, but I have never really liked her music.
23/11/07 11:46 pm (UTC)

And YES, I wholeheartedly agree abouy Bjork. I respect her for being unique, and I think she is a fascinating person, but her music just doesn't do anything for me. :/
03/01/08 08:46 am (UTC)
Hi i'm adding you to friends. if you don't mind please add in return alright. Thanks. xo

P.s i love your LJ community- http://cobrasnakescene@lj. You're awesome with it! :) :) You love Cory Kennedy too?
06/01/08 06:17 am (UTC)
You are too kind! Of course I will add you. :)

Yeah Cory has some sick style. I definitely dig it.
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