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It's Cold. It Feels Like Independence Day.
And I Can't Break Away From This Parade.
her eyes as vacant as the sea. 
21/09/08 10:20 am
The sun still shines in fall.
I feel my skin basking in its paradoxes.
In seven days I will wear my Betsey Johnson dress and smell like velvety woods and lavender.
I will eat gourmet food and stare into eyes of someone real in front of me.
Before my night of luxe, I will listen to a journalist and an author speak.

I will make it a goal of mine to see fall as a romantic season.
I will clean my surroundings and only keep clutter when it decorates, not disguises.

I will eat expensive chocolate and drink expensive wine and no one will care because I have been welcomed. I will dance with my loves and be one entity by the starlight of the morning hours.
Things are looking up, and I can only hope that they will remain to be as beautiful.
Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent. © BNN